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Dalarna is located northwest of Stockholm and bordered to Norway. Its Swedish translation, “the valleys”, creates a perfect picture of the region. Dalarna lies in the heart of Sweden, and with its tremendous scenery of nature it is said to be the most Swedish part of it.
When driving alongside the beautiful lakes, the typical Swedish houses can be seen; they are coloured in the distinctive “Falun red”. The colour is extracted and manufactured from a copper mine in the city of Falun, a few miles away. Major cities like Leksand, Vansbro, Mora and Orsa are worthy to be visited and offer many different kinds of events throughout the year.
Dalarnas mountains are perfect places to go hiking in summer or skiing in winter. From the top of the mountains the scenery of Sweden’s forests and lakes can be seen in all its magnificence.
The numerous lakes give the opportunity to swim, fish or canoe. The rivers on the other hand give the chance to raft.
With the Swedish forests you have all you need to explore a completely different kind of landscape than it is usual anywhere else in Europe. With all the mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys it is the perfect place to get away from your daily life and forget all your troubles. In midst of the nature you have the opportunity to observe and listen to many different kinds of birds. Also moose, reindeers, wild boars, beavers, and wolfs can be seen. The Forests are covered in various kinds of mushrooms and berries which you can pick in July and August; or you can just, lay back, relax, enjoy the solitude and listen to the quietness of nature.